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Heart is more scary than the body

Heart is more scary than the body

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The reason why people are tired is to pursue too much, In life, it is impossible to do everything.  Some people often feel that they are unfortunate. In fact, there are people in the world who are more painful than them.
The reason why people are tired is that they are very good. The words that should not be remembered will remain in memory. And we often remember things that should be forgotten and forget what should be remembered. Why do some people say that fools are cute and ridiculous, because he forgets people's ridicule and indifference to him. forgets the grace and resentment of the world, forgets the secular fame and fortune, forgets everything in this world, so he will never be tired . People who feel tired are often not well-trained and have no ability to withstand. It's hard to think of simple things, and to think about simple things too complicated, so it will be very painful, Will be sad, will be sad, will be tired!
The reason why people are tired is that they are not contented. Everyone has different feelings and requirements for happiness. A person who is easy to satisfy and knows enough is not tired. I have seen such a saying: Happiness is like a pyramid. There are many levels of happiness. The more happiness you get, the harder it is to get happiness. The more you are at the bottom, the easier it is to feel happy; the more you cross the bottom layer, the stronger your sense of well-being, Happiness is actually a kind of expectation, a feeling of the soul.
The reason why people are tired is that they think too much. It is not terrible to be tired of the body. The terrible thing is that you are tired. Feeling tired will affect your mood, will distort your mind, and endanger your physical and mental health. In fact, everyone has been affected by others, when they are tired of their own, but some people will adjust in time, and some people are deeply immersed in it. In this competitive and competitive society, there are too many problems and troubles in life, and it is not realistic to live a little. Man, who is always the subject of contradiction, is often in the confusion of hesitation and envy, and is caught in the secular one-way street, not far away, and can not go back.
People who are tired must learn to adapt. Don't face the darkness alone, adapt to society and adapt to life. The hand is sour, you can put down the things in your hand; the heart is tired, please put down your heart. When you are light, you will have a better life and a healthier body. Don't care too much about the applause and praise of others, and don't take the results of people's behavior as their goal. Constantly expanding the space of one's own psychology, we can experience the meaning and happiness of life itself. Those who are tired must learn to release and liberate themselves who are imprisoned in their hearts. All depressions are buried in the bottom of my heart, and I will only make myself depressed. If I tell others about my inner troubles, my mood will be smooth and comfortable. A cheerful and open-minded attitude can be exchanged for a young, happy and energetic heart. Forget the misfortune, despise frustration, and enjoy happiness. It is also the sublimation of life. People are really an unreasonable creature, and the one who knows the most about himself is always the only one.
People who are tired must learn to adjust, know themselves, don't put shackles on themselves, don't set too high expectations and standards. Turn your head to find a place where you can soften, climb the ladder to find the steps you can get, and realistically develop your potential and tailor your life goals. People who are tired must learn to smile, go out and smile, and broaden the sky. Be sure of yourself, accept yourself, appreciate yourself, like yourself, pursue perfection, and accommodate your own deficiencies and problems. A person can only have confidence in himself if he appreciates himself. You may wish to learn from Zheng Banqiao's confusion, You may also wish to imitate Ah Q's self-deprecation, bravely face today and better laugh at tomorrow.
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