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[Focus] Take the REPSOL ETBE catalyst order in one fell swoop. This domestic catalyst company has already gone abroad.

[Focus] Take the REPSOL ETBE catalyst order in one fell swoop. This domestic catalyst company has already gone abroad.

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Recently, Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerry Environmental") signed a contract with Spain's REPSOL, and received the ETBE contract order from the fourth subsidiary of REPSOL. RETSOL's four sets of ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) units are all based on Kerry environmentally friendly catalysts. The contract was signed by Zhang Yong, the general manager of Kerry Environmental Protection, who conducted a customer visit and publicity survey on the European business of the company's international business. Through this visit, the company has fully communicated with customers on possible cooperation in order to seek new business opportunities.



The picture shows Zhang Yong (first right), general manager of Kerry Environmental Protection, communicating with customers.
The production of ETBE is to react ethanol and isobutylene under the action of a resin catalyst, which consumes ethanol and circumvents the disadvantages of the use of ethanol gasoline. Compared with methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), ETBE has only slightly lower oxygen content, and other performance indexes are better than MTBE, especially its Reid vapor pressure is lower, it is easier to be miscible with gasoline than MTBE, in water. The solubility is less than 1/3 of MTBE and it has little pollution to groundwater. The maximum addition of ETBE in gasoline is 17V%, while ethanol accounts for 45.1wt% in ETBE. That is, ethanol is blended into gasoline in the form of ETBE, and about 8% ethanol can be added. It is slightly lower than the amount of ethanol added in the ethanol gasoline standard currently implemented in China (10±2)V%. However, the use of ethanol in the form of ETBE can solve the problems such as rising fuel consumption, carbon deposition and stratification in ethanol gasoline, and can also realize the separation of isobutylene and 1-butene, and the modification of existing MTBE devices. It will be simpler and the investment cost will be smaller. It can be said that it is more than one thing.
Kerry Environmental started the research on the ethanol gasoline policy in 2003 and the ban on MTBE in the United States in 2004. It started to study the MTBE replacement technology and resin catalyst. It completed the research and development of ETBE process technology and catalyst as early as 2009, and actively participated in it. Bidding of process technology for many international projects.
In 2010, Kerry Environmental ETBE catalysts were exported, and many industrial applications have been realized in foreign markets. The operation results are in line with expectations. The company has also established long-term relationships with a number of European companies. In addition to the above-mentioned four subsidiaries of Spain's REPSOL company adopting Kerry Environmental ETBE catalyst, Germany, Italy and other companies have also adopted Kerry Environmental ETBE catalyst for many years.