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2017 annual summary commendation and spring festival annual meeting was successfully held

2017 annual summary commendation and spring festival annual meeting was successfully held

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On March 2, 2018, Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. 2017 Annual Summary and Celebration Spring Festival was held in the Arcadia Hotel in Zhangzhou. Chairman of the company Gao Yonglin, general manager Zhang Yong, deputy general Gao Jianbin, Cao Hui and other leaders and more than 100 employees of the company gathered together to recognize the advanced, share the results and look to the future.
The Spring Festival Annual Conference kicked off in an auspicious and lively and inspiring performance.



First of all, Gao Yonglin, chairman of the company, made an important speech. Mr. Gao congratulated the department and individuals who were in the 2017 advanced year. Mr. Gao said that "the past year is a year of hard work and hard work. It is a year of great harvest and a year of pride. The company has made great breakthroughs in all undertakings. In the face of the enormous challenge of 2018, we must strengthen our confidence, work hard, and pick up our sleeves to cheer."
At the meeting, the company commended advanced collectives, advanced individuals, advanced units for safety production, and safety modelers, and awarded honorary certificates and bonuses. It also called on advanced people to further play a leading role and make greater contributions to the development of Kerry.


In the annual meeting, the enthusiastic solo singer makes people indulge in the ocean of temperament, the energetic dance flashes the footsteps of youth, the antique Sichuan opera face-changing performance, the lively and interesting imitation show makes everyone dizzy.



Finally, General Manager Zhang Yong did the 2017 work summary and the 2018 work arrangement. Mr. Zhang pointed out: In 2017, the market changed, which brought opportunities and challenges to the development of enterprises. The introduction of the ethanol gasoline policy, the sluggish economy of the coal chemical industry and the petrochemical industry put forward higher requirements for the development thinking of enterprises in the new era. Under the severe market situation, the company's management team leads all the staff, under the guidance of the business policy of “advance with the times, customer-centered; hard work, and management to benefit”, strengthen confidence, unite and meet difficulties. Taking advantage of the trend, all the work basically achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year, and the company's development has made great progress. In 2017, the company achieved sales of 171.44 million yuan, and the total amount of money returned in the year was 19,766,000 yuan.



In 2018, we must focus on "grasping opportunities, facing challenges, innovating, and creating a new situation in the development of Kerry's environmental protection." The sales policy is to achieve sales of 180 million yuan, sales in the international market of 20 million yuan; to achieve safe production 17 Anniversary; indirect alkylation technology to achieve market applications in the country to take the lead in achieving market breakthroughs.
In the end, in an inspiring song of "Unity is Power", the party came to a successful conclusion.