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Kairui sympathizes with poor households, and really helps to warm people's hearts.

Kairui sympathizes with poor households, and really helps to warm people's hearts.

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On the afternoon of the Spring Festival, on the afternoon of February 13, Gao Yonglin, the chairman of Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and Gao Jianbin, the deputy general manager, accompanied the leaders of various departments to visit the elderly in Xiliuzhuang Village, the patients who were sick in bed for a long time, and the poor poor households. And they were given a total of 1,000 yuan, 200 yuan of condolences and rice, oil, noodles and other condolences. I sent them care and blessings, and gave them a greeting for the Spring Festival, wishing them a happy New Year and a happy family.
Gao always came to the elderly home of Li Lianke. The 80-year-old man was sick and sick in bed all the year round. He had no fixed source of living.



The old man’s family took the high hand and said with excitement: “Thank you for your attention to us, thank you for your concern for us.” Gao said: “Yes, it’s almost New Year’s, let’s see you, hope you have a good year."
Every time I go to a household, Gao always talks patiently with them, asks them about their production and life, body treatment, etc., encourages them to firmly overcome the courage to overcome the disease, establish confidence in life, peace of mind, and work hard to overcome the effort. life difficulties.



Later, Mr. Gao visited and visited other elderly people, poor poor households and disabled people.
"Thank you very much!" Saying the words of gratitude, the mother of the high-caliber copper bell was in tears. It turned out that her son was born with a disability and could not take care of himself. His life was very tight.
"Giving back to the society and caring for the society is the responsibility of the company. When the Spring Festival arrives, we will do our utmost to hope that we can help poor families and wish them a happy and happy Spring Festival."
Through this visit and condolences to the elderly and families with disabilities, we not only let them feel the care of our Kerry environmental protection, but also play a role in promoting corporate culture. It is also the development philosophy of “sincere and sincere, perfect and perfect”.