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Health is a responsibility

Health is a responsibility

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Health is a responsibility and few people can understand this. Health is not a person. It is the whole family of lover, parents, children, brothers and sisters.
Ten years later, the three major cancers (liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer) will plague every family in China. Liver cancer is probably due to a problem with drinking water. Lung cancer is probably due to serious air pollution. Gastric cancer is most likely because our food is getting more and more unsanitary.
Thirty years ago, we saw almost no cancer around us. At that time, cancer was a near-far term. Today, we are familiar with all kinds of cancers.
What bed is the most expensive in the world? - Hospital bed!
Someone can drive for you, make money for you, and do things for you, but no one can get sick for you. Anything lost can be found back, but if one thing is lost, it will never be found back, it is life!
Most Chinese people spent the rest of their lives in the last year or two of their lives. They spent a lifetime of medical treatment and ate western medicines with excessive side effects. After surgery and surgery, they left a large family of debtors and then died.
From now on, I will cherish my body, change the inherent bad habits, care about my body when I am young, care for more, adjust more, exercise more, develop good habits, and make a healthy life for myself and my family. Invest, you will benefit a lot when you are old!