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High-level cadres must have a dedication, and middle-level cadres must be enterprising.

High-level cadres must have a dedication, and middle-level cadres must be enterprising.

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At the production and operation dispatch meeting, Mr. Zhang once again "proposed that high-level cadres must have a dedication, middle-level cadres must be enterprising, and grassroots employees must have a sense of responsibility." This time, the requirements are long-term and in line with the development status and rapid development requirements of Kerry. These three "hearts" are the vital personality qualities of a company and a person who can stand in the society and achieve success in business and happiness forever. It is one of the most basic principles for doing things. It is a person who can do a good job. The premise is that Kerry's specific requirements for improving soft power.
"The heart of the cause" is the spirit of struggle for people to make a successful career and the positive psychological state of loving work and hoping to achieve good results. He believes that the success of the cause is more important than the material reward. If a person has a strong sense of professionalism, he will be consciously responsible for his job, take the initiative to work, and feel happiness and happiness from his career.
"Enterprising Heart" is a fighting spirit that constantly catches up with desires and disobeys. In the process of hard work, it constantly stimulates individual potential, keeps making progress, keeps working hard and is active, and has valuable experience. And lessons, thus gaining a richer life.
“Responsibility” is the employee's awareness, emotions and information about his or her own responsibility to the family, the company and the society, as well as the conscious attitude, attention and commitment to taking responsibility. Responsibility is based on the correct understanding. If you do things with all your heart and heart, you will not do bad things. This is the responsibility. If you don't have a strong sense of responsibility, you will not be motivated, unmotivated, and willing to do it. If you are not willing to make it, you will have to live through it. Even if your level is high and your ability is strong, it is empty talk to do your job well.
Therefore, each of our cadres and employees must be enterprising, enterprising and responsible, and should always maintain a strong sense of professionalism, initiative, and responsibility. Only in this way can we improve our ability and responsibility in the process of enthusiasm, and constantly create Out of the good performance of the company, be a qualified cadre and good staff.