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Kairui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the 2016 China International Carbon Four Comprehensive Util

Kairui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the 2016 China International Carbon Four Comprehensive Util

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On March 8, 2016, China International C4 Comprehensive Utilization Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Gongye, the manager of the technical department of Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., attended and made a meeting report.
In the past two years, the domestic C4 deep processing equipment has been in full swing. Since the alkylation unit detonated the whole country in 2013, the dehydrogenation of isobutane and n-butane maleic anhydride have become popular in China, making the C4 deep processing industry chain develop towards comprehensive development. The three-dimensional trend; the industry chain is too rapid expansion, resulting in raw materials "supply in short supply", how to deal with the shortage of raw material resources becomes a major problem; international crude oil prices are lowered, the catalysis of oil quality upgrading, alkylated gasoline will face opportunities and challenges. How to develop C4 resources in the future, whether to extend the industrial chain to cope with the downturn of C4 traditional chemical equipment market and how alkylation breaks through technological bottlenecks and seek new profit margins becomes a problem to be solved.



On the first day of the conference, it mainly studied the global economic structural turmoil and C4 market analysis, the impact of OPEC pricing power control on future oil prices and the forecast of domestic LPG price trends, and the propagation of propane and butane data to explain the future development.
The report pointed out that crude oil DOE week and OPEC month have achieved steady growth, and the global oversupply situation has gradually deepened the global economic growth rate since 2014, which has made oil prices worse. In the United States, the consumption of heating oil has been greatly reduced due to the economic recession in industrial cities. The fall in oil prices has reduced the profit margin and reduced the output of crude oil. Due to Western sanctions on the Russian oil industry and fiscal revenue, the increase in production capacity was further restricted. There are indications that the oil price recovery process is long, demand is growing at a low rate, and inventory backlog is serious. It is predicted that in the next three months, the situation of oversupply will continue, Iranian crude oil supply will have a certain impact on the market, and oil prices will fluctuate slowly. In the next three to five years, the stock price will basically rise and the oil price will rise to near the full cost line.



The second day of the conference introduced the C4 method MMA research and the comparative analysis of MTBE production process cost and the latest research on solid acid alkylation. Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Engineering Center mainly introduces the technology of mixed C4 catalytic cracking to propylene, toluene methanol alkylation to para-xylene technology, and methanol to butene to propylene. Among them, the mixed C4 catalytic cracking propylene technology is a technology for producing propylene by mixing C4 as a raw material. The technology adopts a fluidized bed reaction process and a ZSM-5 molecular sieve catalyst, and the raw material can be converted into a partial alkane without special treatment, and the flexible adjustment scheme can be realized. The catalyst has good physicochemical properties and meets the requirements of fluidized bed process. At the same time, the College of Chemistry of Sichuan University focused on the direct hydroformylation of mixed butene to the synthesis of valeraldehyde. Yantai University introduced four processes of alkylation oil and alkylation technology: sulfuric acid method, hydrofluoric acid method, Solid acid method, ionic liquid method. In this meeting, Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the self-developed C4 comprehensive utilization technology. And has obtained a number of technologies in the field of catalytic gasoline light gasoline etherification, MTBE, MTBE desulfurization, selective hydrodebutadiene, butene-1 separation, acetic acid (acetic acid) sec-butyl ester, coal chemical by-product C4 comprehensive utilization. The results have achieved more than 50 sets of industrialized devices.
Among them, PetroChina Guangxi Petrochemical's 500,000 tons/young gasoline etherification unit adopts the catalytic distillation light gasoline etherification process technology independently developed by Kerry Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and is equipped with KC116-BD type catalytic distillation element (modular type catalyst). The operation is only one month, and the ability to convert methanol at full load is achieved when the feed load is 70% of the design index. The direct increase of 7.4 million yuan in the month, the octane number of the light gasoline after etherification is increased by 2 units. The olefin content of light gasoline decreased from 62.5% to 27%, and the vapor pressure decreased by 21.4 kPa, which eased the difficulty of blending Guangxi V Petrochemical Company's national gasoline