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On September 13, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 15 ministries and commissions jointly issued a notice on the implementation plan for expanding the production of biofuel ethanol and promoting the use of ethanol gasoline for vehicles, It is determined that the promotion of the use of ethanol gasoline in many provinces and cities in Northeast China will be promoted from 2020 to 2020. The national basic implementation of the full coverage of the year, Promoting bioethanol fuel is conducive to solving environmental pollution problems, reducing the dependence of China's raw materials on foreign countries, and implementing agricultural supply side reforms. However, it is not a wise choice to implement ethanol gasoline across the board, and it is advisable to clean up fuels for vehicles.
Increasing the use of renewable energy is a good thing, but ethanol gasoline has its own shortcomings: the calorific value of ethanol is 60% of conventional motor gasoline; the latent heat of ethanol vaporization is large, and the evaporation temperature under the theoretical air-fuel ratio is greater than that of conventional gasoline, resulting in vehicle power. Sexuality and economical decline; ethanol produces acetic acid during combustion, which is corrosive to automotive metals, especially copper; ethanol is an excellent solvent that easily causes mild corrosion and dissolution of automotive sealing rubber and other synthetic non-metallic materials. Up, softening or cracking; ethanol is easy to absorb in water, and the water content of ethanol gasoline for vehicles exceeds the standard index, and liquid phase separation is easy.
At the same time, the promotion of ethanol gasoline has caused a fatal blow to certain industrial chains. According to the latest standards, the oxygen content of ethanol gasoline should not exceed 0.5wt%. Some traditional gasoline blending agents such as MTBE, etherified light gasoline and other components will not be used again, which makes the over-capacity methyl tert-butyl. The ether ether (MTBE) industry is worse. MTBE is the main way to clean and utilize the isobutylene component in the light hydrocarbon resources of refineries. It is also the main means to improve the octane number of gasoline. Once it can not be used, it will be a heavy blow to the light hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization industry, and it will also be worthy of refining resources. The idea of ​​maximizing value. Light gasoline etherification is an important technical means for refineries to respond to the upgrade of national VI gasoline quality, reduce olefin content and increase gasoline octane number. Once it is banned, it will further increase the difficulty of upgrading national VI gasoline quality. According to reports, the current intention of the country to promote ethanol gasoline is to digest aging grain. If a process that can consume both bioethanol and clean fuel for vehicles is adopted, it will bring about a win-win situation in the bioethanol and light hydrocarbon utilization industries.
It is understood that the ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) technology developed by Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Kerry Environmental) and the ethanol light gasoline etherification technology can produce ETBE by reacting bioethanol with isobutylene and catalytic light gasoline. Ethanol etherification of light gasoline is a new choice. ETBE and ethanol etherified light gasoline can avoid the problem of increased volatility of gasoline caused by ethanol, and can make gasoline burn more cleanly, and it has no corrosive effect on automobile parts, and does not increase exhaust photochemical smog. Refineries are migrating gasoline. In some states in the United States where MTBE is banned, ETBE is gradually becoming a sought-after new component of gasoline. Ethanol light gasoline etherification can also reduce the olefin content of 3-5 percentage points in gasoline, and solve the problem of lower olefin content required by the national VI gasoline standard.
To take a step back, even if the country does force the promotion of ethanol gasoline by 2020, neither MTBE nor ETBE can be used as a gasoline additive component. Adding alkylated oil to gasoline can also find a new way to digest isobutylene. It is an important gasoline component whose constituents are isooctane-based C8 isoparaffins. The indirect alkylation technology of Kerry Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. can well handle the problem of producing non-oxygen high-octane gasoline blending components by using carbon tetraolefins, which utilizes the catalytic action of carbon tetraolefins under the resin. The (dimerization) reaction produces isooctene, and then the isooctene is hydrogenated to give isooctane. Although the cost of indirect alkylation is slightly higher, it can utilize low-value excess olefins to produce high-octane anaerobic gasoline blending components, and is also a win-win choice for vehicle fuel cleaning and comprehensive utilization of light hydrocarbon resources.