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DME Process Technology

DME Process Technology

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Dimethyl ether (DME) can be produced by dehydration of methanol through two processes, one is liquid method and the other is gas method. In China, the gas method is mainly used in which methanol needs to be heated and gasified, dehydrated to form DME in reactor under high temperature, then fractionated, therefore gas method requires larger reactor, more investment, higher operating temperature and energy consumption.

KaiRui has developed liquid method catalytic distillation process, it is comprised of three sections--methanol purification, pre-reaction and catalytic distillation. 

Technical Advantages:

1. Mild operation condition, reaction temperature is 130-160℃ by using highly active resin catalyst.

2. Low investment due to small reactor used in the liquid method process.

3. Low energy consumption. Reaction is under low temperature, feedstock doesn’t require gasification, reaction heat is fully utilized, the reaction and separation are achieved  simultaneously.

4. High conversion. It can reach nearly 100% by catalytic distillation

5. High product purity at 99.6% above.

6. Less side reaction due to low reaction temperature.