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Company profile

Company profile

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KaiRui Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as KaiRui) was established in 1995, and its predecessor is KaiRui Chemical Co., Ltd. KaiRui was listed on the Chinese New Third-Board market in 2015, with stock code—832964.

KaiRui is a well-known petrochemical and coal chemical process technology development company in China, and is also a leading enterprise in the domestic resin catalyst and catalytic distillation component industry. It is mainly engaged in the development of process technologies such as catalysis, adsorption, separation, purification, water treatment in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgical and other industries, as well as the development and manufacture of catalysts, catalytic distillation components, adsorption separation resins and other functional chemicals. It has obtained more than 100 national patents, and some of its achievements have been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Program.

The company's partners cover state-owned large and extra-large enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, ChemChina, Sinochem, China Shenhua and China Coal Group, and has made a positive contribution to the development of China's petrochemical industry.

The company has established a strategic cooperative relationship with many enterprises from overseas industries. Its main products and technologies are actively involved in international competition and are widely used, and are positively evaluated and recognized by the customers.



—Chairman of China Light Hydrocarbon Utilization Industry Collaboration Association

—Research Center for Catalytic Distillation Engineering Technology in Petroleum and Chemical Industry

—Key High and New Technology Enterprise of Chinese Torch Plan Project

—Hebei Enterprise Technology Center

—Hebei Industrial Enterprise R&D Institution

—Hebei Resin Catalyst Engineering Laboratory

—Hebei Intellectual Property Advantage Cultivation Enterprise

—Member of the MTBE technical collaboration group

—First drafter of chemical industry standard for high temperature resistant olefin hydration resin catalyst

—First drafter of chemical industry standard for olefin etherification resin catalyst