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Process technology of isobutylene hydration to produce TBA

Process technology of isobutylene hydration to produce TBA

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The mixed C4 obtained by the butadiene extraction is hydrated with pure water under catalysis of  cation resin catalyst to form TBA, then through stratificaiton and concentration to get high purity TBA. 

Main process technology:

1. Isobutylene and water co-current hydration to produce TBA

2. Isobutylene and water counter-current hydration to produce TBA

Technical features:

1. High TBA purity. According to the customer requirement, we can offer 85% above purity, and 98% above by special distillation technology.

2. High single pass conversion due to the unique process and highly active catalyst.

3. The catalyst service life can be up to 18 months.

4. Strong adaptability to different feed.

5. Low energy consumption.

6. Low pressure drop.