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C4 oligomerization and hydrogenation Process Technology

C4 oligomerization and hydrogenation Process Technology

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The recently announced national ethanol gasoline policy has ruled out any oxygenates rather than ethanol from gasoline pool with the deadline of year of 2020, MTBE plants in China has to shut down by 2020, how to utilize isobutylene in C4 is the dominating questions to MTBE producers.

KaiRui technology utilizes isobutylene to form isooctene through oligomerization, then hydrogenation to produce isooctane, which can be an excellent component to gasoline pool. 

Technical features:

1. High selectivity. We can control the conversion of 1-butene as per downstream requirement.

2. High selectivity on isooctene, can be up to 90%.

3. Low investment by revamping MTBE plants into ETBE production.