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ETBE Process Technology

ETBE Process Technology

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ETBE is a better gasoline blending components comparing with MTBE, it has a slightly lower oxygen content, easier miscible with gasoline, low solubility in water. ETBE can solve the problems of ethanol gasoline such as lack of power and gasoline stratification.

KaiRui technology adopts catalytic distillation process, the conversion of isobutylene can reach above 99.5%, and the content of isobutylene in C4 raffinate is less than 0.15%, which better satisfies 1-butene production.

MTBE unit can be easily turned into ETBE by simple revamping.

Technical features:

1. Isobutylene conversion can reach 99.5% through catalytic distillation.

2. MTBE units can be converted to produce ETBE with low investment.

3. Self-developed catalyst has been successfully applied in European ETBE plants.