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MEG aldehyde-removal and refining process technology

MEG aldehyde-removal and refining process technology

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The aldehydes and esters in MEG have great influence on the UV transmittance which is an important specification of MEG quality. KaiRui technology can convert the aldehydes and esters into relatively polar substance through oligomerization, alkylation. Transesterification and internal hydrolysis etc., which then can be absorbed, thereby achieving the goal of of removing aldehyde and improving UV transmittance. 

Technical features:

1. KaiRui technology features high conversion on aldehydes and esters with wide concentrations. For high aldehyde and ester MEG, coal-based MEG in particular, its specification of UV transmittance can be improved to superior grade.

2. Low investment, small flooring area, easy operation.

3. The catalyst and refinning resins can be used for more than 2 years by regeneration.