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Sec-butyl acetate process technology

Sec-butyl acetate process technology

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The sec-butyl acetate (SBAC) features high octane value, can be used as gasoline additive, solvent, extractant, cleaning agent, fragrance ingredient and so on. KaiRui technology takes C4 raffinate from MTBE unit and acetic acid as feedstock, produce SBAC under the presence of resin catalyst. The technology adopts adiabatic external circulation reactor,  thereby solving the problems of traditional tubular reactors such as inconvenient catalyst loading and unloading, easy coking and more side reactions. 

Technical features:

1. Low energy consumption and low side reactions due to low reation temperature.

2. Easy loading and unloading of catalyst.

3. The de-acidification section in separation system, can simplify the process and greatly reduces corrosion.