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1-butene Precision Separation Process Technology

1-butene Precision Separation Process Technology

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1-butene has similar boiling points with other C4 olefins therefore difficult to separate. The traditional 1-butene separation process technology has 4 columns, features disadvantages of large floor area, high investment, complicated process flow, high pressure drop and high energy consumption. KaiRui renovated the technology to 2 columns by high efficiency fillings, features small floor area, low investment , simple process flow, low pressure drop and low energy consumption.

Technical advantage:

1. The purity of butene-1 can reach 99% above, and other impurities level can satisfy the requirements of polyethylene production.

2. KaiRui technology ensures the yield of 1-butene to be 92-95%.

3.Simple process, easy to operate
4.Low energy consumption and low pressure drop.