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MTBE Process Technology

MTBE Process Technology

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KaiRui MTBE Process Technology includes:

Mixed bed reactor + Azeotropic distillation technology

Adiabatic external circulation reactor + Azeotropic distillation technology

Mixed bed reactor + Catalytic distillation technology

Adiabatic external circulation reactor + Catalytic distillation technology

Technical features:

1. Strong adaptability to feed. The technology can utilize the C4 from isobutane dehydrogenation, FCC, steam cracker, olefin isomerization, olefin oxidative dehydrogenation, coal to olefins etc., we can choose the best process as per requirements of feed and product.

2.Low energy consumption. Due to the unique techchnology on heat comprehensive utilization, the energy consumption is 20% lower than traditional MTBE production technology, and 10% lower than domestic competitors.
3.High product purity. Purity for gasoline blending can be over 98%; for chemical purpose, the purity can be over 99%, MSBE ≤0.2%, good for MTBE decomposition.
4.High conversion. Isobutylene content is <0.3% in C4 raffinate, can be used to produce MEK or 1-butene by selective hydrogenation.
5.Patented technology to maintain PH value of the circulating water in methanol recovery system above 6.5, which solves the corrosion problem well.
6.Free from sewage and exhaust emissions.