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Light Naphtha etherification technology

Light Naphtha etherification technology

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The light naphtha etherification technology can turn the C5-C7 active olefin in FCC gasoline into different ethers by reaction with methanol, thereby reducing olefin content in gasoline. The octane number of the etherified light naphtha can be increased by 1 to 3 units, it can improve the refinery benefit by turning low-price methanol into a high value-added gasoline product.

Technical features:

1. We can choose different process combination according to the product goals and budget of customers.

2. Long operation cycle up to 2 years.

3. The catalysts have a service life of more than 2 years.

4. The conversion rate of etherified C5 in light naphtha can reach 95% by self-developed catalytic distillation technology.

5. The PH value of the circulating water in the methanol recovery system can be maintained above 6.5 in long term run, which greatly solves the corrosion problem.

6. Free from sewage and exhaust emissions.

The process includes: separation of light-heavy gasoline, selective hydrogenation, catalytic etherification, product separation, methanol recovery and so on.